Friday, July 29, 2016

Dr. Brett Bolton Class 7 Patient Marius

Check out this outrageous hair transplant result by Dr. Brett Bolton. Dr. Bolton performed 3 of his MaxHarvest™ hair transplant procedure with phenomenal results. Marius could not be happier!

Thursday, June 23, 2016



This is a byproduct of the FUE procedure.  Unfortunately, this will happen again.  The problem with FUE is it is NOT done primarily by doctors and it is advertised to the unsuspecting public with many false claims.  Beware the FUE. Don't fall for the hype.  Choose a specific DOCTOR with experience, reputation and a huge catalog of work to ensure that your procedure will be done safely and properly.
The reality is FUE is a boon for doctors with minimal or no experience and enables them to continue to do what they normally do in the office and let their technicians do the transplant.  Unfortunately, the lure of easy money plays a big role in why a doctor offers FUE in his office. "You mean I can buy a machine and let anybody do a hair transplant for me while I do my breast enhancement surgery"?



  1. Santosh, 22, died two days after hair transplant surgery last month
  2. Doctors who performed surgery not surgeons: Parents
  3. Police have sealed the Centre and are investigating; doctors untraceable
 A final year medical student in Chennai, 22-year-old Santosh was shy of his slight baldness and decided to go for a hair transplant procedure last month. But two days after the surgery, he was dead.

His mother, P Josebeen, a nurse, is heartbroken. She said she could only watch helplessly as her only son developed a fever immediately after the 10-hour-procedure involving around 1,200 hair transplants and died on the third day in a private hospital.

His parents allege the doctors at the Advanced Robotic Hair Transplant Centre who performed the procedure were not surgeons and the anaesthetist left soon after the procedure began. Both doctors are now missing.

"They earn fifty to sixty lakhs every day. For them, only money matters. They don't value life. I lost my son in a short time. This should not happen to anyone. We need justice, arrest both doctors," Ms Josbeen said, who had paid Rs 73,000 for her son's surgery.

Authorities say the hair transplant centre had obtained a licence only to run a hair salon which too expired two months ago. Although they had qualified doctors one of who was trained in China, there was no infrastructure to tackle any complication. The centre has no sterile place or an operation theatre, officials said.

For now the authorities have sealed the centre. The drug controller has recovered a huge stock of medicines kept without licence.

The state medical council has sent a notice to the owners while the health department is recommending using a tough law to regulate such centres dealing with surgical procedures including hair and wart removal, often masquerading as beauty parlours, spas and hair treatment centres.

The police have filed a case of suspicious death and are now working on exhuming Santosh's body since he was buried without a post mortem.

Officials from the hair transplant centre were unavailable to respond to the charges.

However, a police officer who did not want to be quoted said, "They are based out of Pune with 17 centres in seven cities. This centre appears to be getting around 35 clients every month."

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One Year Update From our Patient!




Immediately after the procedure

One Year Later

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Maxharvest - One procedure Result

One procedure Maxharvest  procedure

I'm not a big fan of doctors who post before and after pics in this manner.  It exaggerates the loss because the hair  is wet and the patient just had a procedure.  Yet, you will see many doctors who post most of their shots in this manner.  This is an incredible result but notice we primarily show before/afters in the same light, the same angle and with the hair dry.  This is Dr. Bolton's patient after just one year.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hair Transplant - UPDATE!


5 Months Later

Hair Transplants Update!!!

I know I have posted these results before but not these particular pics.  I think this displays Dr. Bolton's incredible gift for hair transplantation at the highest level.  This is a patient who had a very specific request to restore his youthful hair line and appearance.  You will not see these results anywhere else.  Anyone who has had a transplant will appreciate what Dr. Bolton achieved for this patient.  Everyone wants to look younger and better but how many can pull it off to this extreme.  Nobody does the low hair line better.  Congrats to this patient for helping to make it happen. Dr. Bolton likes to 

Before first procedure
Before first procedure
Before first procedure

Before first procedure

Immediately after first procedure
Immediately after first procedure

Getting ready for third procedure(prior transplants shaved)

Immediately after third procedure