Unbelievable result MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant from Dr. Brett Bolton

Dr. Brett Bolton Watch a fun patients testimonial accompanied by his lovely wife! He loves his new hair and she does too!

Full video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQe53qxLvfY

Check Real Patients Testimonials and more videos @ http://www.greathairtransplants.com/ or Call Now @ (954) 567 - 5868 for more details

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European Patient Flies In To Have Hair Transplant Whether you leave in a different state, or a completely different country, we recommend you evaluate the doctor based on their proven results, not location. It no wonder why patients fly in from all over the world to have Dr. Bolton perform their hair transplant. This patient chose to do a MaxHarvest Plus™ hair transplant to maximize his 1 procedure results. This result was after only 7 months. There is still roughly 5 more months of progress ...
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