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"Hi Josh! I'm already here at the gate waiting for my 12pm flight. Got past the security wearing a cap without problem. I just told the TSA my hair surgery and someone immediately said "Dr. Bolton?" I nodded& smiled and they just let me pass. Wow-that's amazing even here at the airport they know him. 

Thank you very much for the pleasant and wonderful VIP treatment. I know I made the right decision in choosing where to go. It was all worth it to fly here. All of you guys are awesome and very professional that made my procedure even easier and painless for me. This is an incredible experience I will never forget and truly a blessing that you guys served as the instrument of God to help me gain back my confidence. I can't wait to see the results and I will definitely have a better outlook now every day as I look in the mirror and tell myself this is the best gift I've given to myself more than any material thing in this world.

Please tell Dr. Brett Bolton how cool he is, very detailed and competent to what he's doing and to Dr. Bolton, I will definitely spread the word and be proud that I'm a product of his marvelous technique. Till next time when I come back to the shores of Florida- I need not anymore have to worry about the wind and water. They will be my new best friend soon. More power to the entire team and God bless us all!"


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