MaxHarvest Plus™ Patient Flies In From Puerto Rico To Get Full Coverage With Hair Transplant

This is one of the many reasons people are flying in from all over the world to have Dr. Bolton perform their hair transplant. Where else can you find results like this? This patient was able to get full coverage in 1 single procedure.

The entire hair transplant took less than 5 hours. In 5 hours, this patient’s life changed forever. If you would like a similar result, or have a large area of hair loss to cover, ask us about out MaxHarvest Plus™ hair transplant.


8 Months


Completely Bald Transformation With A MaxHarvest Plus™ Procedure

Like many people, this patient was completely bald prior to coming in to see us. He flew in from New York to work with the best doctor in the world. In one hair restoration procedure, Dr. Bolton was able to get this patient incredible, life-changing results.

The result below is 6 months post-procedure.


6 Months


Young Man’s 5 Month Transformation After MaxHarvest™ Procedure

Another remarkable result after just 5 months post procedure. How do so many of our patients achieve these incredible results?

Was it PRP? Was it A-Cell? Was it a magic milkshake? NO!

It was Dr. Bolton! Forget about the rest of the nonsense. Choose your doctor and method wisely.

Nobody else has this body of results to this extent. All these photos and videos were taken in just the last three years. Hold that up to any doctor you are considering.

If a doctor has been doing hair restoration for 10 years and he has 10 photos of hair patients on his site is that impressive? Enjoy our 300+ videos and thousands of photos. This is what we do and all we do at the most elite level. We have the videos and pictures to prove it.




Aldo’s Ridiculous 5 Month Transformation – World Famous Hair Transplant Results

Before / 5 Months


There is no question that Dr. Bolton does astounding work.  There is nobody consistently achieving these one procedure results.  
Three reasons:  Dr. Bolton’s talent, staff, and his methodology.  You can’t duplicate that and nobody else has that.
Dr. Bolton work is so exceptional that people question whether the photos are legitimate. You just don’t see these one procedure results, in this industry, to the extent Dr. Bolton is able to show.  In response to the skeptics, in the last two years we have documented his cases extensively on video to answer the skeptics.  We have over 50 video testimonials including some patients from the first time they came through the door to their final outcome.
I had a prospective patient who was still skeptical and requested personal photos of specific patients to see what they look like today.  He wanted to make sure they still looked like this a year later, outside of our office.  Well here you are.

Before / After


Complete Hair Loss Transformation After Just 1 MaxHarvest Plus™ Procedure

This is our patient who helped us raise over $130,000 for SMA.
You don’t have to make a nice contribution to SMA to get this result but it is nice to see a patient, who reached out to help another patient’s child, get such a fantastic result.  
This result will continue to improve as it is only 8 months post-operative. If you would like to have a procedure, or donate to SMA, please let us know. It is a win-win situation for everybody as we work to find a cure.

Before / 8 Months