Unsatisfied With Another Doctor’s Work? Corrective Hair Transplants Are Dr. Bolton’s Specialty

Patient flew in from out of the area to ensure his transplant this time went better then his first local transplant.  The patient was not happy with the results. It lacked density and the scar was larger then he expected.

His goal was to strengthen his hair line, fix the scar and get as much density and coverage as possible.




Do You Want A Lower And Thicker Hairline?

It’s crazy how a single hair transplant, performed by the best doctor, can yield an incredibly appearance-altering result. This patient was able to blend in his recession to his existing hair to completely transform his look.




Worried About A Scar After A Hair Transplant?

Many people are worried about a noticeable and visible scar after getting a hair transplant. Dr. Bolton specializes in leaving virtually no trace of a hair transplant with his MaxHarvest™ procedure.

You can cut your hair shorter after his procedures than any other doctor in the industry, without being able to detect that a hair transplant was completed.

Before / After

He is left with no visible scar, even when his hair is cut down very short.



Corrective Hair Restoration With Previous Scar Removal

This patient had a previous surgery with a large corporate chain and didn’t receive the results he had hoped for.

He was left with unfavorable results and a fairly large scar.

Dr. Bolton removed his previous scar during his Maxharvest™ procedure and it is noticeably smaller, even immediately after the procedure.

Before / 4 Months