Pluggy Hair Transplant Correction

Unfortunately, we see many prospective patients who have learned the hard way that all doctors are not equal in talent or skill. More then half the patients we work on have had a prior surgery elsewhere and are now in a corrective mode. The “cheap” surgery is not really cheap. Most of these gentleman are spending their hard earned money, anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000 with the average at $6,000. They are saddened by the fact that not only did they not get a substantial result, but their donor area is now damaged. They got poor growth, hairs that grow at improper angles, large scars, and instrument marks on the top of their head.
Be careful, because you have a better chance of a poor result then a good result. There are more poor quality hair doctors then excellent ones.




Questions About Hair Transplantation From A Prospective Patient

Dr. Bolton was recently contacted and asked permission to showcase his work in a new article highlighting different types of hair loss, restoration, and masking methods. He was primarily featured in the restoration category, having one of his patients showcased, with his incredible before and after results.

It is an honor to be featured in articles and help to promote this industry in the most positive and educational ways.


If you’d like to read the article, it can be viewed here:

Saed S, et al, Hair camouflage: A comprehensive review, International Journal of Women’s Dermatology (2016),



Reversing Your Age With A Hair Transplant

This patient completely changed his look with a single hair transplant. With his restored ability to grow hair, he is now able to style it and variate his appearance even farther.

It’s always a pleasure to see someone take 10-15 years off of their appearance in just 1 year’s time.




Completely Natural Hair Transplant Results

Whenever people come in for a consult, I tell them that I have had hair transplant procedures done myself. They always express surprise as it seems I have a lot of hair. Then inevitably, they ask me to lift my hair up so they can see the hair line. Natural hair transplants are unique and not common. There are more bad doctors doing these procedures than good doctors. To get a natural hair transplant result you have to do your homework. Natural hair transplants don’t happen by accident. You have to do your due diligence and make sure you know that you have a quality doctor to achieve the natural results you are looking for.

When you perform a transplant on a patient who has a light complexion or scalp and contrast that with black hair, it is the ultimate challenge for naturalness. If the hair groupings are too large, the angles not proper, or any hair is out of place, your eyes will focus right in on the imperfection.

You can see this patient looks 100% natural and there is no detect-ability of having had a procedure. Dr. Bolton is able to get more density and better, more natural results then any doctor I’ve ever seen.




7 Prior Procedures Don’t Compare To 1 Dr. Bolton Hair Transplant

This patient has had 7 previous procedures prior to Dr. Bolton and could not achieve dense results. He was wearing a hair system that was not comfortable, especially in the hot Florida sun, and the cost over the years was really adding up. The patient had tried 7 times to get out of the system but was unable to get hair transplant density.

The patient found out about Dr. Bolton and in one procedure Dr. Bolton had him out of his system in five months. Unbelievable! We are so glad to see our patient finally get an incredible result and achieve hair density. All the previous procedures were quoted in terms of grafts. Most people don’t realize that they are not getting the maximum amount of hair that they can, if they only have a graft count. We always move maximum hair and that is why Dr. Bolton’s MaxHarvest™ hair transplant technique is so powerful and effective at getting density for our patients.



If you take into consideration that Dr. Bolton achieved this result after SEVEN other doctors had chewed up his donor area and the patient had substantial scarring, this result is even more impressive. Most doctors can’t or won’t ever give a patient this much coverage and density in one procedure. Absolutely remarkable. Thank you Dr. Bolton for truly being one of a kind doctor!

People are paying $5,000-$15,000 per procedure and are getting a fraction of the results that Dr. Bolton is getting for his patients in one procedure. If hair transplant density is important to you, Dr. Bolton is the doctor for you when trying to achieve hair transplant density.