African American Female Hair Transplant Results

Hair transplants are not limited based on your race or gender. It is imperative to work with a doctor that specializes in developing strategies to achieve your desired results. Dr. Bolton seen and completed almost every case imaginable and is more than qualified to assist you in reaching your goals.

Congratulations to this patient on an incredible result after just 8 months!


8 Months


FUE Hair Transplant Patient Flies In To Help Others

A single hair transplant can transform your look from receding, or thinning, to full and thick. This patient had obvious thinning taking place in the frontal hairline area, and in just 7 months has achieved a restored thickness and fullness. Congratulations to this patient and we look forward to seeing your improved results over the next 5 months!




Thicken Your Hair With A Proven Hair Growth Method

This patient had a very common balding pattern and was able to greatly improve his coverage and appearance in 1 single hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Bolton. If you want full coverage, you can either opt for multiple procedures, or ask about Dr. Bolton’s MaxHarvest Plus™ technique.

Before / After



Getting Your Hair Back Can Restore Your Happiness

The great thing about this procedure is you get your results whether you live next door to us or on the other side of the world. You get the same care and service either way. The results are worth the trip.

Before / After


From Shaved Head To Slicked Back Hair After 1 Hair Transplant

This is a perfect example how just one hair transplant can dramatically change your appearance. Along with your restored appearance comes a whole new confidence and happiness, as you can see below.

So many of our patients tell us that this is the best decision that they have ever made, and you can see why.

Before / After