Thicken Your Hair With A Proven Hair Growth Method

This patient had a very common balding pattern and was able to greatly improve his coverage and appearance in 1 single hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Bolton. If you want full coverage, you can either opt for multiple procedures, or ask about Dr. Bolton’s MaxHarvest Plus™ technique.

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Getting Your Hair Back Can Restore Your Happiness

The great thing about this procedure is you get your results whether you live next door to us or on the other side of the world. You get the same care and service either way. The results are worth the trip.

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From Shaved Head To Slicked Back Hair After 1 Hair Transplant

This is a perfect example how just one hair transplant can dramatically change your appearance. Along with your restored appearance comes a whole new confidence and happiness, as you can see below.

So many of our patients tell us that this is the best decision that they have ever made, and you can see why.

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Incredible Results With No Trace Of A Hair Transplant

This patient was almost completely bald before visiting our office for a hair restoration procedure. 1 year later, he has significantly more hair and still cuts his hair very short without a trace that he has had a hair transplant.

Most patients do not cut their hair this short, out of personal preference, but it is available to do after a Dr. Bolton procedure. We challenge you to find another doctor that can show this many patients with undetectable scars after their FUT procedures.

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Another Hairline Success Case

When your hairline starts to fade, so will your appearance. It drastically ages you, and can destroy your self-confidence. Hairline restorations are another one of Dr. Bolton’s specialties and create a dramatic difference in his patients’ looks. This is another successful case where the patient had his age reversed significantly after 1 single hair transplant.

Before / 5 Months

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