Dr Brett Bolton Patient’s Hair Transplant Story

With MAXHARVEST™ hair transplant technology, you’ll get a soft natural hairline, strong density behind it, and an undetectable suture line and the most hair possible. Contact Us Today!

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Tom Hair Transplant Story

Maximum hair transplant procedure

Tom was happy with himself but unhappy with the way his hair made him look. He felt as if he looked 20 years older than he really was.

Dr. Bolton transplanted 6,400 hairs in just one procedure and helped Tom turn back the hands of time. Now Tom’s more youthful appearance is boosting his self-confidence and wowing his friends and colleagues.

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Luis S Hair Transplant Story

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Gregs’s Hair Transplant Story

3 hair surgeries prior to Dr. Bolton

This patient had three old style hair plug procedures at another hair transplant clinic. Notice how extreme his hair loss was before his first procedure at Great Hair Tranpslants. Dr. Bolton corrected this bad hair transplant with just one hair transplant repair. The second surgery was just icing on the cake!

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John’s Hair Transplant Story

John’s Story: It’s been one year since his hair transplant.

John loves his younger appearance and his suture line is undetectable.

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