5 Month Complete Hairline Restoration Results

This patient flew in for a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Bolton and had his hairline completely restored, reframing his entire face.

Here are his 5 month results, and he still isn’t even at the half-way point.

Before / 5 Months

Check out his undetectable donor scar with short hair.


7 Month MaxHarvest™ Results – Complete Hair Loss Transformation

This patient had a very common balding pattern and decided to do something about it. Many people refrain from researching into hair transplantation or hair restoration because they still believe that it is temporary or ineffective.

Luckily, this patient did his research and decided to have his hair transplant with the best doctor in the industry. Now you tell me, are his results worth considering a hair transplant?




6 Month Results After Double Hair Transplant Correctional Procedure

Time after time Dr. Bolton is accomplishing for these patients what other doctors could not. Dave had two procedures elsewhere. His before photo is the result of two prior procedures on his balding scalp. Now he comes before Dr. Brett Bolton, The Magic Man, and gets in 6 short months more results for Dave by far then his two previous procedures.

This is where in this industry you see the patient sometimes take the blame for a bad result. I’m sure his two previous doctors scratched their heads and wondered why the result wasn’t that great. Dr. Bolton is absolutely amazing that he takes all these difficult cases where previous patients went elsewhere and couldn’t get a result and in a few short months delivers a tremendous result. Congratulations Dave and Dr. Bolton on a fantastic result and there is still 6 months more of improvement to come.


6 Months


Ryan’s Hair Transplant Has Reached 10 Million Views! – World Famous Patient

Ryan is our most widely viewed patient. The YouTube video that we recorded of his procedure has surpassed 9 million views!

These results are after 1 single MaxHarvest™ procedure with Dr. Bolton.

If you want similar results, you need to take the first step and call in for a consultation. You could be the next Ryan!