John’s Hair Transplant Story

John’s Story: It’s been one year since his hair transplant.

John loves his younger appearance and his suture line is undetectable.

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Josh’s Hair Transplant Story

Josh’s Story: Josh said goodbye to his baldness in one short year

Josh got a hair transplant one year ago. Now Josh looks as young as his wife!

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Todd’s Hair Transplant Story

Todd is a local actor. His new hair transplant gives him the edge he’s been wanting.

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Aly’s Hair Transplant Story

Dr. Bolton performed miraculous results for a 26-year-old patient with a class six. Nowhere in the world would Aly get these results especially not with a FUE. Dr. Bolton moves more hair than anybody in the world. Dr. Bolton creates the most natural hair lines with the most density compared to any other doctor.

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Jamie’s Hair Transplant Story

Jamie was feeling self conscious with his friends and girlfriend. He decided to take control of his appearance and win the battle with his hair loss. Now Jamie looks younger than he is thanks to one simple MAXHARVEST™ procedure.

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