Full And Thick Density, 1 Procedure Hair Transplant Result

Dr. Bolton continues to get the best ONE Procedure results in his field.

It takes one year for a final result and Dr. Bolton’s patients are getting remarkable results in just 5 short months. Give credit to Dr. Bolton and his MaxHarvest™ technique and his proprietary use of “Bolton Bundles”. You won’t see these results or this method used anywhere else in the world. This is the reason people are flying in from across the globe to have their procedure with Dr. Brett Bolton “The Magic Man”.
This result will continue to improve for at least 7 more months!

Immediately After / 5 Months


Twenty Year Old’s Hair Transformation To Fix Hairline

Our patient had a previous procedure elsewhere before his 20th birthday. Our patient then came to Dr. Bolton and had one procedure.

There is a limitation to how much coverage you can get in one procedure and this patient may elect to come back at anytime for more density.

The skill in which Dr. Bolton does his procedures enable his patients to come back in the future if they choose to add density. Dr. Bolton’s surgical skill is at an elite level and having a few procedures, if they choose, will not compromise the donor area of his patients.

Before / After



5 Years After Hair Transplant Follow-Up

This patient had incredible 1 procedure results and we wanted to check in with him 5 years later to see where he was at with his results. Longevity is always questioned when it comes to hair transplants.

See for yourself.

Before / After

Before / 5 Years


Increase Density – Hair Transplant Procedure

This patient just came in for a 6-month checkup and his results are already amazing! He is only halfway to his final result.

It does not take a full year to dramatically change your appearance, and this serves as proof.

His hairline was reframed and Dr. Bolton was able to add a significant amount of density completely masking any previous hair loss.




Two Hair Transplants Are Better Than 1

This is Glen coming in for his follow-up at four months after his second procedure.

The strategy on this procedure was to put about 5,000 hairs in the crown and the leftover 2,000 hairs to get more density in the frontal hair line.  Glen will see dramatic improvement over the next year!


4 Months