Anders’ Hair Transplant Makeover

6 months is all it took to complete change this young man’s appearance. Words don’t do it justice, and we’re only halfway to the final result.


6 Months


Dr. Bolton Greatly Improves Botched Hair Transplant

This is a complex case, as the patient had multiple surgeries, prior to Dr. Bolton.
Because there were multiple large scars in the donor area it made it harder for Dr. Bolton to get the usual amount of hair he would get if a patient didn’t have prior surgeries.  Despite the limited donor area, Dr. Bolton was able to get extraordinary results for this patient.

This result is truly life changing and we have even more spectacular photos but the patient wants to be unidentifiable so we are limited by what we can show.

Before / After



Worried About A Scar After A Hair Transplant?

Many people are worried about a noticeable and visible scar after getting a hair transplant. Dr. Bolton specializes in leaving virtually no trace of a hair transplant with his MaxHarvest™ procedure.

You can cut your hair shorter after his procedures than any other doctor in the industry, without being able to detect that a hair transplant was completed.

Before / After

He is left with no visible scar, even when his hair is cut down very short.



Complete Hair Loss Transformation After Just 1 MaxHarvest Plus™ Procedure

This is our patient who helped us raise over $130,000 for SMA.
You don’t have to make a nice contribution to SMA to get this result but it is nice to see a patient, who reached out to help another patient’s child, get such a fantastic result.  
This result will continue to improve as it is only 8 months post-operative. If you would like to have a procedure, or donate to SMA, please let us know. It is a win-win situation for everybody as we work to find a cure.

Before / 8 Months


Another Great Hair Transplant Result To Fix Premature Balding

One of the main reasons why hair transplants are so sought after is the dramatic effect it can have on your appearance. The results that many people are hoping for simply are not achieved by less-skilled doctors that do not specialize in this craft.

Dr. Bolton has made it his mission to change the hair transplant industry entirely. He has an extensive background of unheard of results. Here is another one:

Before / After