1 Hair Transplant, 10 Years Younger

All I can say is “WOW”!
Talk about a Home Run Result.  Grand Slam!
Patient is headed toward class 7 (most advanced hair loss) and in one year’s time a complete turn around where the patient took about 10 years off his appearance and will never be an advanced hair loss person.

Before / After



Patient Is Virtually Unrecognizable After Successful Hair Transplant

In the matter of only 5 months, this patient has completely reversed his balding pattern and looks incredible. It’s amazing how a single procedure can drastically alter your look in a completely natural way.

Incredibly, he still has 7 more months of growth to go, which will continue to enhance his restored appearance. Congratulations to the patient and Dr. Bolton on another incredible hair restoration!


5 Months



Confidence Leads To Success – Hair Transplant Success Story Testimonial

This patient and his father had hair transplant procedures on successive days.

“The old man and I are doing well. He hasn’t said it physically but I know he feels like a new man. Granted, while it’s not a whole lot of hair it is definitely a lot more than he’s had in over 35 years. His whole attitude and demeanor has changed. Thank you both for that. As for me, I finally got back into acting and would you believe, I scored a role in an upcoming film about to shoot in the Austin/Killeen area; one of the leads too.

I don’t think I could’ve had the courage to go audition in front of a table of people without my hair being on point. I know I at least need one more procedure, but much like I said about my dad, I’m definitely glad to have gotten this done last year to start and look forward to getting the rest done in the near future.

They say all things happen for a reason and the timing of our visit with you all couldn’t have been more precise. Thank you both again. See you in Hollywood!”

Before / After



Hair Transplant Advice, Directly From A Patient


5 Month Progress

1 Year Results

“It is hard to believe where I started in December of 2015 and how far I have come in less then 5 months.  The entire process has been a great experience. My procedure with Dr. Bolton and staff was great.  Josh has been a huge part of making this experience what it is.

The most difficult part of the process is not the surgery, it is the waiting.  Waiting for your hair to grow in is the most difficult part of the process.  Being patient is not a virtue of mine, but I have learned to embrace each part of the process.

I look forward to the next 7 months as my hair will continue to grow in and thicken.  My advice to anyone contemplating a hair transplant is to stop thinking about it and just do it.  Call Dr. Bolton’s office, talk to Josh and set up a consultation.  This is the best thing I could have done for myself.”


African American Hair Transplants Are No Different

We are regularly asked if we are able to do hair transplants on African-Americans. The answer is yes! Whether you are black, green, blue, or orange, it does not matter. Hair texture varies greatly between races, but does not affect the possibility or results of a hair restoration procedure.