Mike’s Hair Transplant Story

Mike was a Norwood Class 6. After his first procedure he was feeling like a million bucks but he still wanted to get even more hair. Procedure number 2 finished off his new look. He looks like a different man.

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Marius’s Hair Transplant Story

Marius was a Norwood class 6 when he came to Great Hair Transplants. He had so much hair loss Dr. Bolton planned a strategy to give him full coverage with 2 MaxHarvest procedures. Marius is in his seventh month after the second procedure. Stay tuned to see a new video with his results so far.

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Casey’s Hair Transplant Story

Young Man Looks Young Again

With MAXHARVEST™ hair transplant technology, you’ll get a soft natural hairline, strong density behind it, and an undetectable suture line and the most hair possible. Contact Us Today!

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Mo’s Hair Transplant Story

Young Man Looks Young Again

Mo is too young to be feeling old. He took control of his situation and flew to the United States from Europe in order to get the best possible results. Also, he says that the doctors in London charge quadrupal the price and you don’t even get this kind of result. He was fully confident that Dr. Bolton could restore his hair to the way it was before he started thinning. Now he does indeed look his age once again.

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Menotti’s Hair Transplant Story

Menotti was thrilled when he got his hair transplant. He is a hair stylist and his thinning hair was becoming an issue. He wanted to look as good as his clients so he did his research and found Dr. Bolton.

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