Dr. Brett Bolton Corrective Hair Surgery Burn Patient From Scalding Hot Water Corrected

Dr. Brett Bolton performs corrective hair surgery on a patient who had scalding hot water accidentally poured on her as a toddler. Hannah struggled with the hair loss and and the scarred area through out her early childhood. Hannah was bullied at school due to the scarred area on her face and head. Dr. Bolton was able to correct it in a single procedure and Hannah and her mother could not be more pleased with the results!

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Marc’s Hair Transplant Story

Hair transplant surgeon Dr. Brett Bolton did his amazing hair transplant with unbelievable results. This hair restoration procedure is not FUE or hair plugs. This hair implant is a hair transplant surgery that is natural and moves the most amount of hair in a single session.

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Al’s Hair Transplant Story

Dr. Brett Bolton performed his trademarked MaxHarvest procedure with amazing results. Al had two previous FUT procedures with minimal results. He went to Dr. Bolton for a correction and was absolutely amazed with his procedure and his results. No one in the world can get the results that Dr. Bolton can attain in a single procedure. You get more than twice the hair then a an FUE procedure! Come to Dr. Bolton for a hair transplant correction.

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Adrien’s Hair Transplant Story

Dr. Brett Bolton hair surgeon did his MaxHarvest™ Plus hair transplant procedure with unbelievable results at only 5 months. Dr. Bolton’s revolutionary hair surgery is not an FUE hair implant. It is Hair restoration at it’s best, 16000 hairs moved in a single session.

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Kyle’s Hair Transplant Story

Dr. Bolton performed another miraculous procedure with amazing hair restoration results. Kyle flew from Wisconsin to have Dr. Bolton perform his hair implant procedure. Kyle was very depressed about his hair loss, and once he had it restored he gained his confidence back! Kyle is very thankful for Dr. Bolton’s amazing hair transplant results. Kyle recommends Dr. Bolton’s procedure over any other hair transplant or FUE procedure on the market today.

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