Jeff ‘s Hair Transplant Story

Jeff came to us all the way from Pittsburg. He is a story board artist for many major motion pictures. Being in a very competitive market he wanted to look his best. The results here are actually from only one MaxHarvest™ check procedure.

Jeff just flew in for a second procedure and we’ll post the results when we have an update. You might be wondering why he would want a second procedure. He joins Great Hair Transplant’s unique club of “Hair Junkies”. Our hair junkies love their fullness so much they just want MORE because they can!

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Josh’s Hair Transplant Story

Patient Advisor, Josh Engoren Gets a Hairline touchup As Great Hair Transplants

Josh’s lifelong passion is hair. He would have been very bald based on his family genetics but thanks to modern hair transplant techniques and preventive medicine Josh has been able to keep a full head of hair. He admits that he is obsessed with his own hairloss and was thrilled when Dr. Bolton agreed to touch up his hairline. Josh had 4 surgeries prior to coming to Dr. Bolton.

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Joel’s Hair Transplant Story

Joel had one procedure three years ago with an amazing result. Joel follows his post operative instructions and takes proper preventative medications. Joel is very happy with his results and came back to finish it with another procedure.

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Corey’s Hair Transplant Story

Corey Had a bad FUE procedure at another clinic!

Corey actually had 2 prior procedures. The first was a FUT and the second was an FUE. He was left with polkadot scars and still not enough hair after the 2nd surgery. finally, Corey found Dr. Bolton. Dr. Bolton gave Corey more hair in one procedure than he got in both prior procedures. watch corey’s video to see how great he looks now!

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Ryan’s Hair Transplant Story

Dr. Brett Bolton performs another miraculous hair transplant procedure with amazing hair implant results. Ryan lost his hair at a very early age. Ryan lost his confidence and felt uncomfortable in many social settings. Dr. Bolton was able to restore Ryan’s hair. This in turn restored Ryan’s confidence! Ryan is extremely grateful for Dr. Bolton‘s amazing work and recommends him to all of his friends and family.

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