Martins’s Hair Transplant Story

With MAXHARVEST™ hair transplant technology, you’ll get a soft natural hairline, strong density behind it, and an undetectable suture line and the most hair possible. Contact Us Today!

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Eric’s Hair Transplant Story

Eric had a procedure with Dr. Brett Bolton approximately five years ago today and still is extremely happy with his results. Dr. Bolton moves more hair in a single procedure then any other doctor. Dr. Bolton‘s procedure is better then a FUE.

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Rick’s Hair Transplant Story

Norwood Scale 7

A MaxHarvest transplant was in order for this Norwood Scale 7 patient. Rick’s hair was all but gone when he had his transplant which resulted in a nice change to his appearance. Although most patients only get one procedure, this is an example of a patient with fine hair who would benefit from a second MaxHarvest transplant.

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Alberto’s Hair Transplant Story

Only 5 months!

At only 5 months, Alberto’s MaxHarvest hair transplant has done more than just restore his hair. He feels great about his appearance which inspires him to eat right and work out at the gym more. Having this procedure done was definately worth the investment for Alberto because it has affected so many areas of his life. With 7 whole months to go it will only get better from here.

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Paul’s Hair Transplant Story

Connecticut Patient Excited About His Hair Transplant

Paul had 2 MaxHarvest Procedures. As you can see his results are remarkable. We will have the results of his first procedure for you to compare up shortly so come back for more.

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