Anders’s Story: From Bald to Hip

Anders started losing his hair in his mid 20’s. He did his homework and studied before / after pictures at different large chains. They could not compare with Great Hair Transplants MaxHarvest procedure which changed his life.

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Esteban’s Story: Combating early hair loss proactively

Esteban is a young man who started to experience hair loss at a very early age. With the help of Dr. Bolton, Esteban proactively eliminated the beginning stages of hair loss before it got out of hand. Now he enjoys looking his absolute best and can enjoy his youthfulness to the fullest!

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Nicholas – Hair Transplant Update!

Nicholas got a hair transplant at ANOTHER clinic. He was so unhappy with the results that he decided to cover it up with a hair system. Completely frustrated with his situation he continued to look for a better solution. Finally he discovered Dr. Brett Bolton. Only at 9 months and he already looks like a million bucks and he doesn’t have to wear a hair system any longer.

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Jay – Hair Transplant Update!

Jay is a high end South Florida Photographer. He is often with political figures and celbrities and wants to look his best at important events. This hair surgery is exactly what he needed to stay ahead of the game.

Jay recently had a second surgery to boost his density even more. The results here are at 4 months. Stay tuned to watch his progress!

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Aldo – Hair Transplant Update!