Dr. Brett Bolton’s Hair Transplant Patient Story

All the way from the United Kingdom, Neil is a young man who wanted to stop the hair loss before it was noticable. He was hiding his frontal hair loss by combing his hair forward. At only 5 months he no longer has to worry about fussing with a special hair style. His hair is back and he doesn’t have to worry any longer. He still has 7 more months of growth to go! Check back to see his progress.

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Ali’s Hair Transplant Story

Ali had two three surgeries before coming to Dr. Bolton.

This is a great example of someone who has a thin hair type but still has a remarkable transformation in just one MaxHarvest procedure. He had 3 procedures elsewhere before coming to Dr. Bolton and he still looked like he was balding. After just one procedure he doesn’t look like he’s balding anymore.

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Noam’s Hair Transplant Story

Noam came in for only ONE hair transplant 5 years ago. He recently visited our office to say hello and he allowed us to take pictures of him 5 years later. This is a good example of how someone might look 5 years after a hair transplant. This is also a great example of what can be done for those with diffuse hair loss which is most obvious when seen in a down shot. In just one MAXHARVEST procedure Noam’s look has been transformed forever.

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Joey’s Hair Transplant Story

Joey almost didn’t get a hair transplant. His brother had a procedure at ANOTHER clinic and his experience was horrible. After his own hair loss started to get worse he decided to do his homework and find a better surgeon. Because of his results his brother also had a surgery with Dr. Bolton. Watch Joey’s video at the top of this page to see the full story.

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Michael’s Hair Transplant Story

Michael was very concerned about his hair loss at an early age. Michael’s hair loss made him feel very uncomfortable in social settings. Now that Michael has his hair back, he has his confidence back and it has changed his life for the better! He is extremely grateful to Dr. Bolton and the staff for the amazing job that they did for him!

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