Quick Testimonial From One Of Our MarHarvest™ Patients

Hello Everyone,

This was the best hair procedure I've ever experienced. I had 2 other procedures elsewhere and this one has been the far best. There were 4 other patients that came to visit in the office today. They all had different stages of recovery. One person was 3 weeks, another 4 months, and the others 6-12 months. Truly amazing! Everyone was 110 percent satisfied. I could not believe the 6-12 months results these patients had. It seems they have had a full head of hair for life. Dr. Bolton is the only doctor I know that can provide as much density in 1 procedure versus 3-4 attempts most doctors take to try and get a patient decent results.

Everyone in the doctor's office was very accommodating and helpful. It's a very happy warm positive experience. I enjoyed every minute. I traveled from New Jersey to Florida to have my procedure done. All of the nurses and office personnel were extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Bolton only focuses on you. You are the only patient on that day. They feed me and take very good care of me. Everyone is smiling and good-hearted. I feel very welcomed here.

I recommend anyone to have Dr. Bolton perform their procedure. You will never worry about hair loss again ever in your life! The best results are by Dr Bolton!


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