This Patient Is Virtually Unrecognizable After Hair Transplant

The patient had a completely shaved head when he came in for his procedure.
We videotaped his entire procedure with the patients permission, as he was super excited about getting his hair back.
This is a great example of being able to move a lot of hair in one procedure and leave a scar that is barely visible ten days after the procedure on what was previously a completely shaved head. There is no way anyone will ever see his scar with the hair just a bit longer. It certainly is not an issue as you see he now grows his hair out. The FUE procedure could never get the coverage or density this patient was able to achieve in just one procedure.
All hair transplants will cause a scar. The question is what type. There is no such thing as a scar-less procedure in hair restoration. This scar is much less traumatic to the donor area then FUE which has to use much more of the donor area to get the hair and even goes outside the safe zone to yield hair.  
The bottom line is, Dr. Bolton's is able to yield up to 14,000 hairs in one procedure that takes less then 6 hours and uses a fraction of the donor area compared to FUE which yields small amounts of hair while impacting the entire donor area and has to cheat to go  outside the donor area to get their hair.  It is bad enough to go bald once but I think it would be worse to pay for a procedure and go bald again?

Before / After

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