John’s Hair Transplant Story

John’s Story: It’s been one year since his hair transplant.

John loves his younger appearance and his suture line is undetectable.

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Josh’s Hair Transplant Story

Josh’s Story: Josh said goodbye to his baldness in one short year

Josh got a hair transplant one year ago. Now Josh looks as young as his wife!

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Todd’s Hair Transplant Story

Todd is a local actor. His new hair transplant gives him the edge he’s been wanting.

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Aly’s Hair Transplant Story

Dr. Bolton performed miraculous results for a 26-year-old patient with a class six. Nowhere in the world would Aly get these results especially not with a FUE. Dr. Bolton moves more hair than anybody in the world. Dr. Bolton creates the most natural hair lines with the most density compared to any other doctor.

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Juan’s Hair Transplant Story

Juan only had ONE MaxHarvest procedure. He looked like a man in his 30s with thinning hair. Now, is he in his 20’s? No one will ever think he had a problem with hair loss.

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