Perfect Hairline Restoration With A Single Hair Transplant

You might think Dr. Bolton didn’t do a lot for this young man but when you see the photos below, but you will see Rolando was well on his way to having extensive hair loss. Rolando was proactive and didn’t want to wait until his hair loss became more obvious. I have to rate this as one of the most incredible hair transplant hairline I’ve ever seen. The reasons are as follows:

1. Coarse wavy dark hair
2. Sharp recession of hair line
3. Patient is showing potential for considerable loss at a young age
4. Patient requests an aggressive hair transplant hairline
5. Patient is young
6. Patient has a light complexion

These are all factors that make for a difficult procedure if not in extremely capable and talented hands. The risk of error and poor judgement is common in these cases. Dr. Bolton and the patient knocked it out of the park on this result. There are doctors who are charging $30,000 per procedure who can’t touch this result. This case wins the honor for the most perfect hair transplant hairline.




This is a great example of a young man who has great potential for a fantastic result. An FUE hair transplant would make this type of result impossible for the patient. If you have a great donor, and a great doctor, this is what is possible. If you don’t have a great doctor, it doesn’t matter how great your donor is, you won’t get this result. Results like this are very rare. Most people can only dream about this result.

If a doctor wants to perform an FUE hair transplant, they will charge significantly more and waste your potential. This is a great example of a doctor who did everything in the patient’s best interest and got him incredible results. If you want significant results and you don’t want to have endless days of sitting in a chair plucking one hair at a time because you think you won’t have a scar, think again. The bad news is you will have a scar (similar to a plug scar) and you will have sparse results and spent many times the normal cost. FUE hair transplants are great for the doctor who is trying to double his revenue and not good for the patient who is trying to double his hair.


Balding Early? – No Problem.

This is a 22 year old patient that wants to keep his anonymity. At 21, he was clearly going bald. At 22, he got his hair back after one procedure with Dr. Bolton’s maximum hair and density procedure. It would be hard to believe that there is the better hair transplant doctor anywhere else.



People are paying other doctors twice the money and getting minimal results. There is a huge segment of the patient population that receive bad results. They were either harmed by their doctor, got sparse results, unnatural results, bad scarring, or all the above. Yes, it is possible to get good results but what we have seen is that patients are paying much more and not getting the density that Dr. Bolton achieves for his patients.

If you are looking for the best hair transplant doctor in the world then Dr. Bolton is your hair restoration surgeon.


Corrective Hair Restoration With Previous Scar Removal

This patient had a previous surgery with a large corporate chain and didn’t receive the results he had hoped for.

He was left with unfavorable results and a fairly large scar.

Dr. Bolton removed his previous scar during his Maxharvest™ procedure and it is noticeably smaller, even immediately after the procedure.

Before / 4 Months



Dr. Bolton’s Own Patient Advisor Gets A MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant

I am very excited to share my experience with Dr. Bolton.

I’ve had four prior procedures and I am very happy with the results. After working with Dr. Bolton for the last two years and seeing what he was able to do for his patients I decided to take my results to a higher level. I wanted more density, a lower hair line, and to build out my temporal peaks.

To lower a hair line and build out the temporal peaks takes tremendous skill and talent. Many doctors have crashed their patients on the rocks trying to achieve this goal and have caused their patients difficulties and embarrassment.

The result above is a great measure of a doctor as an artist. Most doctors cannot do this. The hair line and temporal peaks have to be done perfectly for it to look natural. One hair out of place or at the wrong angle and you will see it from a mile away.

I have reached the point where I do not have major hair loss. I am basically very happy with my previous results and now I am looking to take my results to another level. Should I be happy with what I have? Or should I enjoy what a lot of people wish they could have at 50 years of age? A strong hair line with no apparent recession. After seeing Dr. Bolton do this for many of his patients, I decided I would take advantage of working for one of the most talented and gifted hair surgeons in the world. Why not?

In six short months, I feel as if I have an incredible result. I have six more months of growth and improvement to come. There is a tremendous benefit when lowering the hair line and filling in the temporal peaks. You get the shaping and framing of your face which tends to make you look younger and better looking. It is not uncommon for people to say they look 10 years younger after this procedure grows out.

My thanks to Dr. Bolton who made an impact on my appearance in a positive way. I am most grateful and this is something I enjoy everyday when I get out of the shower and comb my hair.

Before / After



19 Year Old’s Completely Restored Look After Hair Transplant

Jeremy had a previous surgery with a large corporate chain and got minimal results. Patient was discouraged and sad. Dr. Bolton was able to get a significant result that totally changed the patient’s demeanor and appearance in a significant way. Congratulations to Dr. Bolton and the patient for a remarkable result that makes us all glad to be part of Dr. Bolton’s practice.

Before / After