Extreme Hair Loss Is Not The Only Option

This patient was definitely on the wrong track prior to his initial consultation. We were able to set him up with a strategy and execute it beautifully. These results are unrivaled and second-to-none.

This patient had a previous surgery elsewhere to get him out of a hair system. The procedure did not come close to accomplishing the patient’s goal. Dr. Bolton had him out of the system in 5 months.

We challenge you to find another hair surgeon that can get a result like this in 1 single hair transplant.

Before / 5 Months

Before / 7 Months


Before / After


Full Head Tattoo Turned Into Full Head Of Hair

Many people are under the impression that there are no legitimate hair restoration options available, due to the many failures and poor doctors in the industry. This patient had his head tattooed to give the impression that he had the hairline pictured in his “before” pictures.

Dr. Bolton was able to fill in the tattooed area with the patient’s own hair and cover virtually his entire head in 1 procedure. There are incredible hair restoration options available, but it’s almost impossible to find another doctor capable of achieving the results that Dr. Bolton consistently gets his patients.

Before / After


Hair Loss On The Back Of Your Head?

Losing hair in the back of your head, or crown, can be just as devastating as the front of your head. Constantly worrying about turning your back can be daunting and stressful. Dr. Bolton specializes in this area by recreating the spiral to give natural and undetectable results.

This patient had a prior hair transplant in New York and the doctor left him with an unsightly scar. Dr. Bolton was able to remove the previous scar and fill the frontal hairline and this patient’s crown, all in 1 procedure.

This patient chose to remain anonymous, so we can’t show the frontal hairline, but he was ecstatic with the results he achieved and the fact that we were able to accomplish all of his goals.

Before / After


Reverse Hair Loss With A Customized Hair Transplant

By working with the best doctor in the hair restoration industry, you can completely reverse your appearance in 1 simple procedure.

This patient was already committed to the bald look and it’s clear that with what he had left, that was pretty much his only option.

1 Dr. Bolton MaxHarvest™ hair transplant later, and he has hair covering his entire head. This can easily be thickened, if the patient would like to have another procedure done, but the area covered in his first pass is incredible.

Before / After


European Patient Flies In To Have Hair Transplant

Whether you leave in a different state, or a completely different country, we recommend you evaluate the doctor based on their proven results, not location. It no wonder why patients fly in from all over the world to have Dr. Bolton perform their hair transplant. This patient chose to do a MaxHarvest Plus™ hair transplant to maximize his 1 procedure results.

This result was after only 7 months. There is still roughly 5 more months of progress to go!

Day 2

Day 5

Day 8

The sutures are healing perfectly! If the area wasn’t shaved and the sutures weren’t there you wouldn’t see the scar and its only 8 days!This is why people can fly in and have the procedure and leave 24 hours later and they won’t have any issues.

Day 12

Most of the crusts are off and if the patient wasn’t nervous he could have had them completely off by day 12. It is normal for our patients to be nervous when washing and shampooing after the procedure. After 6 days our patients can wash pretty much the way they did prior to the procedure and the crusts will come off naturally on day 5-12. The hair is wet and the camera light exaggerates the detect-ability.

Day 19


7 Months

10 Month Update!