Ryan’s Hair Transplant Story

Now He looks His Age

Ryan is a young man who was quickly aging with premature male pattern baldness. He wasn’t about to accept his genetic fate so he did his research and discovered the benefits of the MaxHarvest. For very young men who are already experiencing hair loss, a MaxHarvest transplant can proactively cover areas that would be lost in the future. That plus preventative treatments can keep his hair looking good in the future.

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Bil’s Hair Transplant Story

Added Hair and Removed Years of Aging

Bill is at 18 months after his MaxHarvest™ procedure. He’s got a completely new look and looks 10 years younger.

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Juan’s Hair Transplant Story

Juan only had ONE MaxHarvest procedure. He looked like a man in his 30s with thinning hair. Now, is he in his 20’s? No one will ever think he had a problem with hair loss.

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James’s Hair Transplant Story

Hairline Hair Restoration

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Shawn’s Hair Transplant Story

Hairline Hair Restoration

Although Shawn didn’t have a lot of hair loss, he knew his hairline wasn’t the way it used to be. He chose to get his hairline restored. Squaring off and framing his face improved his appearance and gave him back the confidence he wanted.

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