Rahim – Hair Transplant Update!

Burn Patient Gets Hair Back After Lifelong Struggle with Scars.⠀

As a small child, Rahim suffered extreme burns and hair loss when a pot of boiling water was accidentally spilled on his head. He endured years of low self esteem and humiliation due to the unusual scarring and balding.⠀

Thanks to Dr. Bolton, Rahim now enjoys a full head of healthy hair and a positive self image. Click play to hear this amazing story.⠀

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Larry – Hair Transplant Update!

There is no need to worry about a hair transplant scar when the results are so undetectable. Hair for hair, MAXHARVEST delivers the most density and naturalness and not have to worry about a hair transplant scar!⠀

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Ryan – Hair Transplant Update!

Ryan wasn’t feeling his age. A hair transplant with Dr. Bolton gave him back lost years. See his growth over an 8 month period.

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Alvaro – Hair Transplant Update!

Alvaro Patient

Alvaro had lost a large amount of hair. He needed a MaxHarvest restoration to restore his hairloss. Alvaro was a Norwood Scale 5 but after just one MaxHarvest procedure you would not know he had a problem with his hair. ⠀

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Best Hair Transplant & Restoration Techniques – Compilation Video 3

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