Cameron’s Hair Transplant Story

Young Man Takes Back His Youth

Cameron wasn’t about to settle for a look that was beyond his years. He wouldn’t be happy until he came to Great Hair Transplants to get only one MaxHarvest procedure that changed his life.

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No Scar to Worry About

Nestor is ONLY 4 MONTHS into his new hair transplant and he already looks 10 years younger! He’s sporting a newer shorter haircut now and he doesn’t have to worry at all about a scar!

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Mike’s Hair Transplant Story

Mike was a Norwood Class 6. After his first procedure he was feeling like a million bucks but he still wanted to get even more hair. Procedure number 2 finished off his new look. He looks like a different man.

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Marius’s Hair Transplant Story

Marius was a Norwood class 6 when he came to Great Hair Transplants. He had so much hair loss Dr. Bolton planned a strategy to give him full coverage with 2 MaxHarvest procedures. Marius is in his seventh month after the second procedure. Stay tuned to see a new video with his results so far.

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Casey’s Hair Transplant Story

Young Man Looks Young Again

With MAXHARVEST™ hair transplant technology, you’ll get a soft natural hairline, strong density behind it, and an undetectable suture line and the most hair possible. Contact Us Today!

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