Many Of Our Great Results Choose To Remain Anonymous

This out of town patient gave permission to show his results but to hide his identity. This is very common. While we would prefer that everyone would allow for us to show their full pictures, it just isn’t plausible. Some are embarrassed to showcase that they had a cosmetic procedure, and others’ careers may inhibit them from showcasing something like this. Whatever the reason may be, we respect our patients’ privacy.

It is ironic when I speak to prospective patients and they say they see our great results on our site but ask about the ones that aren’t posted. Well some of our best results ever don’t make it on our site because we don’t like the presentation of hidden faces. It is not as impressive as when you can see the entirety of the patient’s face before/after. I’m not sure the prospective patient believes me when I tell him that the results that are not on our site can be more impressive then the ones that are.

This is one of the best results ever but the pictures don’t do it justice, because you don’t see the overall change in the patient’s appearance.