The Largest Hair Transplant Case In History

This is why people are flying in from around the globe for Dr. Bolton. There is nobody able to move this much hair in 6 hours or less. Our MaxHarvest™ procedure is what you see featured mostly on our site. The MaxHarvest™ is 30 cm x 1 cm and usually yields approximately 6,000 hairs.
In contrast, the MaxHarvest Plus™ is where Dr. Bolton will try to get the most hair possible within the confines of the patients scalp and donor area. In this case, the patient who flew in from Australia, received 70 cm x 2 cm of tissue which yields approximately 14,000 hairs!
This patient is the most severe classification of hair loss, VII.

The harvest for this patient was 4 strips, or 70cm2 of tissue, yielding over 14,000 hairs.

This tissue was harvested in 10 minutes. Doctors are now buying machines that are touted as the latest breakthrough in hair restoration. The machines can only yield a maximum of 4,000 hairs in 12 hours best case scenario if everything is perfect. Who do you think will have a better result in coverage, density and impact in one procedure? The patient with 14,000 hairs whose procedure was finished in less then 6 hours or the patient who got 4,000 hairs in 12 hours and paid more for his procedure?

Are you paying for a transplant and have no concept of what you are getting?  Do you know what 4,000 hairs looks like? The strip under the ruler has almost 4,000 hairs. How can a patient sit in a chair all day and pay big dollars for a yield that equals one strip? We can potentially get you four strips. That means 4 times the coverage and results for less money and time spent in the chair.

Which is better? Paying more, sitting all day, and getting much less hair? Then choose the FUE hair transplant.

Or you can pay much less, spend half the time in a chair, and get 4 times the total amount of hair by choosing Dr. Bolton. Imagine the impact that single strip would have on this large of an area.

This is the clean harvest of 4 strips, or 14,000+ hairs.

This is the suture area right after the harvest.

3 Days

12 Days

3 Weeks