The Largest Case In GHT History!

Adrian received 16,000 Hairs, 80cm2 of tissue, in one procedure. The entire area of his scalp was filled from front to back. The procedure from start to finish took less then 5 hours. This patient is in a class 7 category who had a prior, failed FUE procedure. You will see where the patient started prior to the procedure, what he looked like immediately after the procedure and then four months later. Dr. Bolton is the only doctor achieving these results. If you’re looking for more hair, less procedure time, shorter recovery, and better, more natural results, Dr. Bolton will meet or exceed your expectations.

Before / After


3 thoughts on “The Largest Case In GHT History!”

  1. Dear Dr. Bolton,
    I saw blog and photos of this person category 7. It looks promising. I just want to add. I am between 6 and 7. I would like to ask that is possible in one procedure? If I can ask how much cost thi procedure from this person ? About 20 000 usd? I will send my photos so you and team can tell me for my case solution and price. Thank you.

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