Hair Transplants Leave Scars. Don’t Believe The Myths.

To be fair, this is an extreme example. Not disclosing that would be committing the same crime as FUE proponents. They are deceiving patients by taking a worst case scenario scar from FUT and implying that is a common occurrence and can be expected unless you choose their method.

The truth is; both surgeries leave scars, different types of scar though. One leaves a linear line, and the other a bunch of dots. If done properly, the line will never be seen if you keep your hair longer than 1/4 to 1/2 inches, depending on the type of hair you have. The same is true for FUE. If you cut your hair too short, the likelihood increases that the scar(s) can be seen. No ethical doctor will tell you that your scars will be undetectable, regardless of hair length.


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  1. Great piece of information, thanks for sharing with us, this articles will definatley clears all the doubts of those person who has negative views regarding hair transplant, keep posting.

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