Hair Transplant Expert On Hair Loss – Steve Cook

I have personally met men who have explained the emotional feeling of going through life with a bald spot like walking around a mall with no pants on! They feel naked and ashamed. They struggle to deal with the bald spot by wearing hats, using various Hollywood makeup cover-ups, or growing the side hair long enough to comb over the top. The last option will require a few cans of hair spray and hopefully the wind will not be too strong! Ouch! What a way to go through life... How about those teachers with bald spots who hear the students chuckle every time they turn around to write on the blackboard? How about men and women who refuse to sit in the front of the church or temple because they feel the entire crowd is focusing on their bald spots? How must it feel when your young child has a friend over, you get in the car to go for ice cream, and your kid's friend says, "My dad has a bald spot too!", said Hair Transplant Expert, Steve Cook.

"There are 60 million men and women walking around the world with bald spots! So why is it a big deal? Since it is so common, is it not normal? Yes, as a matter of fact, it is very normal, said Hair Transplant Network Expert, Steve Cook. Until it happens to you! When it does, there is a strong possibility one's self esteem goes out the window. Believe me, you will not know until it happens to you! And there is even more bad news. Once the bald spot starts, odds are it will keep on going! So where do we go from here. Here comes the advice you have been waiting for! The good news is there are options and you need to do your research. I have been experiencing hair loss for more than 25 years, said Hair Transplant Expert, Steve Cook. It is and will always be my passion to help people solve their hair loss issues.

The first thing you will need to do is see a hair specialist. This is a doctor who only does hair restoration surgery every day, said Hair Transplant Network Expert, Steve Cook. Not a part time, but a full time hair doctor. This doctor will make sure you have what is referred to as normal hair loss or standard Alopecia. The doctor can recommend a few different medications, oral or topical, that can really help slow or stop the loss. You see, it is extremely important that you take this step first. If not, you may be taking a giant step into hair transplantation yet continue to lose your original hair. This will not create the best result for your bald spot solution. As a matter of fact, it will cause you frustration down the road, said Hair Transplant Expert, Steve Cook.

Once you have been properly diagnosed and a solution has been prescribed, it may be time to wait and see what happens, or time to move forward. If your expectations are reasonable and you will be happy simply not to lose any more hair, than I recommend the wait and see approach. If you cannot stand the bald spot and need it filled in, it is time for that hair loss specialist to surgically move hair follicles from the back of the head into the bald spot.

There is a technique known as the "Bolton Whorl" to create a thicker look in the bald spot. The transplanted follicles are angled in a spiraling direction which emulates the hair pattern you once had before you lost it. The technique combines placing as many hairs as possible with the angles and wallah! After a few days of some small scabbing and a few months of waiting for the hair to start growing, the Bolton Whorl takes form and no more bald spot! Say bye bye bald spot, hello to a great hair day! For more on the Hair Transplant Network, please visit The Hair Transplant Network

Steve Cook has had hair loss issues for over 30 years and he is only 48 years old. He has worked extensively in the hair restoration field for over ten years and is proud to represent Dr. Brett Bolton.



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