Did Hair Loss Make You Lose Your Confidence?

“Hi Josh + Everyone!
Here’s my progress… I’m religiously taking Propecia 3x/week, Rogaine BID and Theradome Laser 3x/week. 
Everyday when I wake up, I feel terrific in front of the mirror. I love myself more with so much positivity.  My confidence has come back. I don’t get bothered anymore if the wind is coming on my way. Many have noticed a dramatic change and said I look really younger. I know I still have lots of months to grow my hair and I’m so excited to see the final outcome of the greatest gift and investment I’ve given to myself more than any material thing can do.  I guess I was once an ugly duckling and now back to a charming guy. 🙂 
I’d like to say thank you so much again to the entire team especially to You, Dr. Bolton.
All the best!”

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