Hair Implant Scar

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Another wonderful example of a completely undetectable suture line from one of Dr. Brett Bolton's follow up 10 days following a procedure.

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Hair Transplant Research Pays Off! A single hair transplant can transform your look from receding, or thinning, to full and thick. This patient had obvious thinning taking place in the frontal hairline area, and in just 7 months has achieved a restored thickness and fullness. Congratulations to this patient and we look forward to seeing your improved results over the next 5 months! Before After  
Do You Want A Lower And Thicker Hairline? It's crazy how a single hair transplant, performed by the best doctor, can yield an incredibly appearance-altering result. This patient was able to blend in his recession to his existing hair to completely transform his look. Before After  
Another Undetectable Scar After Hair Transplant This is ten days after the procedure when the sutures were removed. The only thing showing is the remaining crusts that stuck to the suture line. Dr. Bolton consistently leaves a suture line similar to the edge of a piece of paper. He does not charge extra for this unique and special skill. In twelve years of working in this field and having observed the work of hundreds of doctors I've never seen anyone with Dr. Bolton's skill set. Please not...
Severe Scarring Correctional Hair Transplant Procedure Dr. Bolton was able to restore, in just one procedure, a patient who had multiple procedures elsewhere and had severe scarring in the donor area. Dr. Bolton was able to fix his previous scarring (reduce significantly, so the patient could wear his hair short) and still have enough hair left over to significantly impact the hair line and crown. Again, Dr. Bolton was able to do more in ONE procedure then this other doctor could do in multiple proce...
Post-Procedure Donor Area After Hair Transplant We get asked regularly to see pictures of guys that shave their head after a hair transplant. Everyone is curious to see if the scar that is left, after a hair transplant, is visible with short hair. Unfortunately, most doctors leave a visible scar that forces a patient to keep their hair long to hide it. This is another area that Dr. Bolton specializes in. His  work is beyond exceptional and allows the patient to shave their hair shorter than...
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