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We are always being asked if we have any references, which is an understandable question, but it is completely unnecessary. We have hundreds of videos, showing our doctor with the patients themselves, not to mention thousands of before and after pictures. This is better than any phone call to a patient could ever be. They would not allow us to film their testimonial and put it online if they weren't extremely satisfied with the results that they have achieved.

While we can absolutely provide references, it isn't ideal for the patients themselves. If you had a procedure, would you want your information given out, random numbers calling you, and asked a bunch of questions, when all of the information and proof is easily accessible online?

We have recently reached the highest level on Hair Transplant Society with 18 years in business, over 5000 patients, and over 450 recommendations, with 0 complaints.

See for yourself!


Please also check out our YouTube channel to see a huge library of videos.


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