Full Hair Restoration, Regardless of Gender

This patient was starting to develop a fairly large bald spot through her hairline and into the top of her head. She clearly did her research and realized that Dr. Bolton specializes in hair transplantation as a whole, regardless of the patient's gender, race, or genetic background. Her results have started to come through and they are absolutely incredible.

Before / After

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David’s Testimonial – Increased Confidence After Hair Transplant "Ok so I'm now at the end of 10 months. To be honest this whole process has been quite the experience so far. First off I'd like to say that I'm a believer, period. What I am doing now is simply living pretty much exactly what Dr.Bolton and Josh advised me would happen by this time. Good news is that I feel great, my confidence is up, and I can now see that really I don't think any of us "have" to live as bald shaved head guys. I can say that th...
Corrective Hair Restoration With Previous Scar Removal This patient had a previous surgery with a large corporate chain and didn't receive the results he had hoped for. He was left with unfavorable results and a fairly large scar. Dr. Bolton removed his previous scar during his Maxharvest™ procedure and it is noticeably smaller, even immediately after the procedure. Before / 4 Months    
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Others Hair Transplant Doctors Would Turn Him Away Many hair transplant doctors will not take on difficult cases, because they don't want to tarnish their reputations or "fail" a patient. These doctors know that with the way that they run their practice, there is no chance of a patient like this receiving any type of favorable result. This is where Dr. Bolton differs. Dr. Bolton takes on the most difficult hair transplant cases in the world and blows people away with the results. This is anoth...
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