This Is The Most Effective Way To Restore Your Hair

Dr. Bolton is so sure of his results that we post our patients before they get their results not after waiting to see what they are. More examples, videos, documentation should help our patients focus on what is most important; your results.  

If you don’t see this documentation of results and detail they probably don’t get the results you see claim to be able to achieve. Actually, I don’t think there is anyone in the world who can get their
patients the coverage, density and impact on an area this large in one procedure. What is even more impressive, is that he is only 6 months out, and has at least 6-12 more months of improvement to come.




Immediately After



Before / 3 Months

Before / 4 Months


Before / 6 Months

Before / 6 Months – Gel

This is why the MaxHarvest Plus™ procedure is far superior to FUE or any machine that extracts grafts.
FUE would limit the amount of hairs in one procedure to a maximum amount, best case scenario, 4,000 hairs. Some FUE procedures might max out at 1,000 – 2,000 hairs and it takes a 10 hour day or two to get them. FUE is also limited to certain hair types. Dr. Bolton yielded 12,000 hairs and his staff implanted them all in under 6 hours. Dr. Bolton has no limitations on who he can do the procedure for.
The FUE would have covered 10-15 % of the bald area; Dr. Bolton covered 100%.
The coverage Dr. Bolton can get his patients is unmatched by any other procedure available.
The density of the MaxHarvest Plus™ is unmatched and the one procedure result after one year is unmatched.
FUE is touted as the “New Method”; it is a not. The only thing new about it is that there are now machines available to take the donor follicle one at a time. This was done, albeit, not in the exact manner but similarly when doctors offered the plug procedure, one punch at a time with a 4mm instrument.
Today it is one punch at a time with a .08 instrument. Hardly revolutionary. It’s simply marketing creativity by the manufacturers of the machine, not a new procedure. They’ve repackaged an old method to look make it appear new. The unassuming public wants to believe that there is always a better way. I advise anyone who is interested to look past the sensational claims (which are not true) of scar-less surgery, work the next day, easier than the current method, and less invasive, to actually focus on the final results. If you have more then minimal hair loss you should demand to see many patients who have benefited from this “new”, “advanced” procedure. If it is such a remarkable new procedure, that has been available the last 4 years, then where are all the great one-procedure results?
Buyer Beware.