Dr. Brett Boltons Patients Recommend Him

Original Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJtWS5fa_aU

Dr. Brett Bolton's patients recommend him to others for his great work and professionalism.

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Unsatisfied With Another Doctor’s Work? Corrective Hair Transplants Are Dr. Bolton’s Specialty Patient flew in from out of the area to ensure his transplant this time went better then his first local transplant.  The patient was not happy with the results. It lacked density and the scar was larger then he expected. His goal was to strengthen his hair line, fix the scar and get as much density and coverage as possible. Before After  
Post-Procedure Donor Area After Hair Transplant We get asked regularly to see pictures of guys that shave their head after a hair transplant. Everyone is curious to see if the scar that is left, after a hair transplant, is visible with short hair. Unfortunately, most doctors leave a visible scar that forces a patient to keep their hair long to hide it. This is another area that Dr. Bolton specializes in. His  work is beyond exceptional and allows the patient to shave their hair shorter than...
Dramatic 1 Procedure Hair Transplant Results This patient wanted anonymity, but allowed us to showcase his results this way. A result like this makes the patient virtually unrecognizable anyways, but we will gladly honor their request. Congratulations to this patient and Dr. Bolton for another incredible 1 year, 1 procedure result. Before After  
Young Man’s 5 Month Transformation After MaxHarvest™ Procedure Another remarkable result after just 5 months post procedure. How do so many of our patients achieve these incredible results? Was it PRP? Was it A-Cell? Was it a magic milkshake? NO! It was Dr. Bolton! Forget about the rest of the nonsense. Choose your doctor and method wisely. Nobody else has this body of results to this extent. All these photos and videos were taken in just the last three years. Hold that up to any doctor you are cons...
Dr. Brett Bolton Hair Transplant Correction https://youtu.be/OjS78xvaf9E Original Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgoKBHXuaYw This patient had 7 prior procedures with a different doctor AND he was in a hair system. In just one MaxHarvest procedure, this patient no longer has to live with the failure of those solutions that didn't work. It only takes ONE MaxHarvest Procedure to erase your hair loss problems. check more @ https://www.greathairtransplants.com/patient/p81/one-...
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