Dr. Brett Bolton Great Hair Transplant

Original Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LtllAqAy1s

Great testimonial of a patient who thought he looked older then he felt, so he decided to restore his hair , with hair surgery from Dr. Brett Bolton. Dr. Bolton was able to restore his hair and make him very happy in only one hair transplant procedure.

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How To Reverse Balding In One MaxHarvest™ Procedure Dr. Bolton has done it again. We can add Joel to the long list of satisfied patients who came in to see Dr. Bolton last year about his significant hair loss. Check out Joel's photos. You will have a difficult time finding the donor scar, which is literally the same width as a fine pencil line. We see so many people who have had bad experiences elsewhere with their scars, but Dr. Bolton has a unique talent and ability to make the scar a non-issue....
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The Bolton Royal Treatment – You’re The Focus! "Hey Josh,  I wanted to reach out to let you know what an amazing overall experience I had getting my second hair transplant from Dr Bolton and his team this past week. Of course, Dr Bolton did an unbelievable job with the transplant itself, but it was all of the little things that turned what would have been an otherwise great experience into one that exceeded expectations altogether. Believe me, all the small things you did for me did ...
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