Dr. Brett Bolton Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Arizona – Phoenix

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Dr. Brett Bolton is the founder of Great Hair Transplants, a hair restoration clinic specializing in hair implants for both men and women. Our organization is internationally known and serves patients with genetic hair loss from all over the United States and the world.

Check Real Patients Testimonials and more videos @ http://www.greathairtransplants.com/ or Call Now @ (954) 567 - 5868 for more details

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Like Father, Like Son Dr. Bolton was recently contacted and asked permission to showcase his work in a new article highlighting different types of hair loss, restoration, and masking methods. He was primarily featured in the restoration category, having one of his patients showcased, with his incredible before and after results. It is an honor to be featured in articles and help to promote this industry in the most positive and educational ways.   If y...
Dr. Brett Bolton Burn Patient Gets His Hair Restored by Dr. Brett Bolton https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvUa2v3JiR4&rel=0 Original Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lL2ag1g5Cn4 Dr. Brett Bolton creator of the MaxHarvest™ hair transplant procedure was able to help restore an extremely challenging young mans hair loss deformity. This individual was very unfortunate to get a pot of boiling hot water poorer on him when he was a young boy.No doctors would treat him due to the severity of the s...
Quick Testimonial From One Of Our MarHarvest™ Patients Hello Everyone, This was the best hair procedure I've ever experienced. I had 2 other procedures elsewhere and this one has been the far best. There were 4 other patients that came to visit in the office today. They all had different stages of recovery. One person was 3 weeks, another 4 months, and the others 6-12 months. Truly amazing! Everyone was 110 percent satisfied. I could not believe the 6-12 months results these patients had. It seems...
From Comb-Over to Thick Head Of Hair This patient chose to remain anonymous, so we are limited in what we can show, but the results are very noteworthy. He was forced to style his hair in a comb-over fashion before coming in to see us. 1 hair transplant later and this patient has a full head of thick hair. Congratulations to this patient and Dr. Bolton on another incredible result! Before After  
Maximum Hair Transplant Results In 1 Procedure There is nobody else in the industry that can get their patients the results that we can get in our MaxHarvest Plus™ procedure. This gentleman received over 10,000 hairs in a single procedure. This allows Dr. Brett Bolton to fill in much larger areas and reduce the amount of procedures that you need to achieve your desired result. Before After  
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