Dr. Bolton Specializes in Leaving Virtually No Scar While Yielding More Hair

If you notice the suture line extends well past my ear. Most doctors don’t take a strip that extends that far. They like to stay between the ears thus yielding significantly less hair. The donor scar when done properly by a top notch surgeon should not be an issue. The irony is Dr. Bolton will move more hair and leave a smaller donor scar. How is that possible? Dr. Bolton has a god-given talent that has been refined over thousands of cases and fifteen years, which enables him to put his patients first.

We want our patients to have the most significant results possible. The more hair taken from the donor area will translate to either more coverage or density or both. Why leave hair in the donor area when you can put them to work in your areas of loss? When you have a doctor who can move more hair then others with a smaller donor scar, why not take advantage of that skill?