Don’t Set Yourself Up For Failure By Opting For A Cheap Hair Transplant

Unfortunately, there are more bad hair transplant results than good ones. The ability and talent of doctors in the field of hair restoration ranges from incompetent to excellent, and everybody in between. Do not assume because someone is a doctor they are a good doctor or because they did a nice job on your wife's breasts they will do a good job on your hair.

Be very careful in how you choose your doctor. Many of Dr. Bolton's current patients started out with different doctors who actually harmed them. Unfortunately, corrective hair transplant surgery is a big part of Dr. Bolton's practice. Many hair transplant patients are able to find Dr. Bolton through internet searches and are amazed at his one procedure results and lack of scarring.

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This patient made a bad choice when he was enticed by a $2 per graft advertisement. There are even lower prices than that advertised. I can tell you they are not doing quality work at that price. Unfortunately, they are creating a lot of corrective hair transplant surgery patients who have to travel in to get it fixed.

Many patients will overlook doctors' websites and not critically observe the work they offer. If before and afters don't match, if the lighting is not the same, and the angles aren't perfect, a red flag should go up. Also, does the site mention a specific doctor or a group name. I want to know the specifics of the doctor working on me and I want to see his work so I can avoid being a corrective hair transplant surgery. I also want to know before I am a hair transplant patient how many procedures it took for the doctor to go from the before and after photos he shows. Are they labeled?

You need to know these basics to avoid being a corrective hair transplant surgery patient. Usually, to make up for the low cost, they have to do multiple procedures. Some doctors might do ten in one day or actually work on multiple patients and procedures even while your case is happening. This patient found even though he spent $6,000 he didn't get any positive results. Actually, he was harmed with a big scar, pitting on his scalp and poor growth. The few hairs that did grow, didn't look natural.

The patient is only 24 and was traumatized by this experience. For now he wants to remain anonymous but promised when he gets his results he will share them with us.



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