Class 6 Hair Loss Patient Redefines Transformation

There are several things that may happen to a patient like this when they pursue hair transplants or hair restoration. One of them is that the doctor will tell them that it's too late. They may say that the patient's hair loss has progressed to the point where there is nothing advisable to be done and that it is essentially a lost cause.

The second thing that might happen is that a doctor may know very well that they can't dramatically effect the patient's appearance or achieve the desired result, but do the procedure anyways. The patient is then left with an undesired result and is either discouraged, or forced to have several more procedures.

This is where Dr. Bolton separates himself from the others. Dr. Bolton shows the patient a huge portfolio of cases similar to theirs and sets them up with realistic goals and expectations. Dr. Bolton has completely transformed more cases like this than any other doctor in the industry. This is simply why he is the best.

Before / 10 Months

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