Dr. Bolton’s Philosophy On Hair Transplant Cost

If you are researching how to get a great hair transplant result while also getting a good value, I have some advice for you.

Be cautious of internet sites that tout certain doctors on websites that look like they are consumer oriented, but in actuality are paid commercial sites that only promote doctors who have paid an endorsement fee.

You will usually see testimonials from people who give their personal experiences related to their hair transplant. They also give specifics as to how many grafts they had for their procedure. In some cases they break down the graft totals into how many hairs they received. For example, it is typical to see a patient say “I received 3,000 grafts which were comprised of 5,500 hairs.” In some cases they break it down even further. “I got 2,800 one hair grafts, 1,300 two hair grafts and 33 three hair grafts.”

You will see that they primarily average under 2 hairs per graft. They are also paying for these procedures by the graft which is typically from $4-$6 per graft. I have also noticed the guys who have large procedures, as many as 7,000 grafts are paying big money. They are super excited after the procedure and filled with hope. Then as the months go by you can see the excitement fade and the disappointment set in. Hair transplant cost is very important to most people. After about a year they realize they spent an inordinate amount of money and have limited results. This is directly related to receiving one and two hair grafts in the huge area behind the hair line. They will lack density and certainly be on the hook for a second surgery. If you compute what they pay by the hair it is obscene.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Dr. Bolton puts his patients first, not his profits. I don’t think he could sleep at night if he charged his patients $15,000-$35,000 for one procedure. He refuses to create an artificially high graft count by continually segmenting grafts into smaller pieces to get a high yield. Let Dr. Bolton do what is in YOUR best interest. He will transplant as many hairs as possible, while leaving an imperceptible donor scar. He will only use micro grafts for the frontal hair line and behind that use multiple follicular unit grafts to get incredible density while achieving total naturalness. If value and hair transplant costs are important to you then Dr. Bolton is your man.




Dr Brett Bolton’s Hair Transplants Reviews

Dr. Brett Bolton reviews are exciting and 100% positive. The MAXHARVEST™ Procedure and Bolton Bundles have launched Dr. Brett Bolton to the very top of hair transplant results based on hundreds of videos and photos. Dr Brett Bolton reviews provides prospective patients with a daily insight of Great Hair Transplants and patient results. People with hair loss can now search online for Dr Brett Bolton reviews and find everything they are looking for at a glance. A great way to view all Dr Brett Bolton’s results is to simply watch the video testimonials. There fabulous results are an example of Dr. Bolton and his pioneering of the entire hair transplant industry.

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The Largest Case In GHT History!

Adrian received 16,000 Hairs, 80cm2 of tissue, in one procedure. The entire area of his scalp was filled from front to back. The procedure from start to finish took less then 5 hours. This patient is in a class 7 category who had a prior, failed FUE procedure. You will see where the patient started prior to the procedure, what he looked like immediately after the procedure and then four months later. Dr. Bolton is the only doctor achieving these results. If you’re looking for more hair, less procedure time, shorter recovery, and better, more natural results, Dr. Bolton will meet or exceed your expectations.

Before / After


Ryan’s Full Hair Transplant Journal

Ryan is one of our world-famous patients with millions of views on his hair transplant video on our YouTube channel. You can see it for yourself here:

Ryan has allowed us to document his case from the beginning to the end to give anyone considering a hair transplant a great understanding of how it works and what to expect.


Planning The Goal

Ryan decided to shave his hair on the top of his head to make the placing of the grafts a bit easier for the staff. This is done sometimes when the patient is not afraid to wear his hair very low or shaved. The black crayon lines are a method whereby Dr. Bolton shows the patient, prior to surgery, the area to be filled. It is not a design, but an agreement between the doctor and patient as to where the grafts will be placed.

Please note the donor area that is shaved extends significantly past the right and left ear to maximize the amount of hair taken. Many doctors stay between the ears thus limiting the amount of hair harvested.

Please note that the patient has lost hair in the frontal 1/3 area of his scalp and the back circular crown area of his scalp. He still has hair between those two areas in the mid-scalp area. Dr. Bolton makes the patient aware of the 3 FDA approved regimens for hair loss: Propecia, Rogaine and the laser light comb. Dr. Bolton will tell the patient to be prepared to repeat the procedure in the future as he continues to lose hair. The patient is fine with this and is committed to keeping his hair and use the FDA recommended therapies.

Immediately After The Procedure

Dr. Bolton was able to harvest a 31 cm x 1 cm strip of tissue containing approximately 6,500 hairs. Please note that micro grafts (1 hair grafts) are placed in the frontal hair line. Follicular units of 2 and 3 hairs are behind the frontal hair line. Finally, behind the follicular units, Dr. Bolton will combine follicular units into his multiple units grafts, thus achieving at least twice the density of the standard follicular unit procedure which averages typically two hairs per graft.

Please note that you can barely see the suture line below the wet hair.

When Dr. Bolton places the recipient sites into the crown, he will mimic the way the hair originally grew. Hair in the crown, has a unique swirl to its design. You have to recreate this pattern in order to give the patient a natural result.

3 Days After Procedure

Note how small the suture line is, especially given how recently the procedure was.

6 Days After Procedure

10 Day Suture Removal

Hair is beginning to grow back through from initial shaving.

The newly implanted hair will become dormant for the first few months and then proceed to grow in normally.

Month 4

Month 5

Month 6

Month 7

Month 8

Month 9

Month 10

Month 11

What you see here is a patient who is willing to chart his progress every month. At four months, you can see a definite change from where he started. You see improvement in the frontal hair line, especially, in the corners where, previously, there was no hair. You can see the crown is starting to fill in, too. The suture line is absolutely undetectable, even though, in some pictures he is wearing his hair with a 2 blade or about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in length. We are very excited for our patient as he restores his youthfulness and good looks.

Before / After


Great Hair Transplant Results Can Take Longer Than 12 Months

This patient’s results took time to reach it’s full potential. We understand that everyone wants instant fixes and immediate fixes to their hair loss problems, but to do it the correct way takes time. Each time you have a procedure in the same area, the total time to reach your full results is increased. Here is this patient’s testimonial.

Hello Josh: hope you’re doing well. I wanted to send you a text like 2 months ago, but I’m always in a hurry. I got much better results now with my hair. Last time I saw good results in 7 months only, but this time it took 18 months. It really took time. So I’m very happy with the results. Please tell Dr Bolton and show him my pics. I’m sorry I told you I wasn’t happy with the results, but a year wasn’t enough for me this time. Tell that to Dr Bolton. Thank you very much for everything, I feel much better now with my new hair and I’m looking forward to get another procedure. Take care. Look at the pics. With my hair styled after a shower.