Frame Your Face With A Professional Hair Transplant

This patient received a MaxHarvest Plus™ hair transplant to achieve several goals.

Dr. Bolton moved over 11,000 hairs. The patient had excellent donor density and desired to have his temporal peaks built out and his hair line lowered.  
Dr. Bolton was able to accomplish all this and cover all his thinning areas throughout his scalp from front to back.

The entire procedure took about 6 hours and his results at 5 months are incredible.


Immediately After

We don’t promise substantial results to anyone at 3 months. We tell everyone that they have to be patient and that the follicles are mostly dormant for the first 4 months. You can see in just 3 short months that the patient is already starting to get good growth and his facial appearance is starting to be shaped and framed by his new hair line and temporal peaks that were created by Dr. Bolton.

Before / 3 Months


Before / 5 Months


The Largest Case In GHT History!

Adrian received 16,000 Hairs, 80cm2 of tissue, in one procedure. The entire area of his scalp was filled from front to back. The procedure from start to finish took less then 5 hours. This patient is in a class 7 category who had a prior, failed FUE procedure. You will see where the patient started prior to the procedure, what he looked like immediately after the procedure and then four months later. Dr. Bolton is the only doctor achieving these results. If you’re looking for more hair, less procedure time, shorter recovery, and better, more natural results, Dr. Bolton will meet or exceed your expectations.

Before / After


Nothing Beats Restoring Your Natural Hair

This patient vowed for an alternative before turning to a hair transplant. He opted to get a tattoo, attempting to cover his hair loss. When that wasn’t sufficient, he decided to give our world-renowned method a try. This patient took advantage of Dr. Bolton’s patented MaxHarvest Plus™ procedure and was able to cover his entire head with hair. In 8 short months, this patient has completely restored his hair and appearance. He is just passing the half-way point and still has much more growth to come.

We know that it is tough to process all of the different options that you are presented with when considering hair restoration, but we encourage you to learn from others’ mistakes or experiences. You can save yourself a lot of time, money, stress, and of course, hair. Many patients put themselves in a situation where they try every disproved method, prior to the proven ones. During that time, they lose a considerable amount of hair that they could have otherwise saved, had they been advised and treated properly. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us so that we can ensure that you are on the best path.

Before / 8 Months

Before / After


MaxHarvest Plus™ Hair Transplant Changes Patient’s Look

This patient’s results took time to reach it’s full potential. We understand that everyone wants instant fixes and immediate fixes to their hair loss problems, but to do it the correct way takes time. Each time you have a procedure in the same area, the total time to reach your full results is increased. Here is this patient’s testimonial.

Hello Josh: hope you’re doing well. I wanted to send you a text like 2 months ago, but I’m always in a hurry. I got much better results now with my hair. Last time I saw good results in 7 months only, but this time it took 18 months. It really took time. So I’m very happy with the results. Please tell Dr Bolton and show him my pics. I’m sorry I told you I wasn’t happy with the results, but a year wasn’t enough for me this time. Tell that to Dr Bolton. Thank you very much for everything, I feel much better now with my new hair and I’m looking forward to get another procedure. Take care. Look at the pics. With my hair styled after a shower.




Bald Patient Flies In From Portugal To Have A Hair Transplant

There is a good reason why people from all over the world fly in to have Dr. Bolton perform their hair transplants. When it comes to restoring your appearance, there is no room for mistakes. It is simply not worth the risk to save a little bit of money and have your procedure performed locally with a less qualified and skilled doctor.

Dr. Bolton offers a travel credit that can be used toward the cost of the procedure for anyone that isn’t local. We guarantee that this patient is glad he flew in to receive his results.

This patient went from bald, to a full head of hair by opting for Dr. Brett Bolton’s patented MaxHarvest Plus™ hair transplant.

Before / 7.5 Months After

Before / 1 Year After


Before / 1.5 Years After