Life-Changing Hair Transplant Results

If you think that getting your hair back is an impossibility, think again. This patient had severe loss prior to visiting our office and you can see how dramatic his results have been. 1 single hair transplant can completely change your life, if you work with the best in the industry. Dr. Bolton regularly produces incredible results like these, which makes him one of the best, if not the best, hair transplant doctor in the industry.

You have legitimate options when it comes to hair restoration, regardless of where your case is.


Immediately After

7 Months

Final Results


Frame Your Face With A Professional Hair Transplant

This patient received a MaxHarvest Plus™ hair transplant to achieve several goals.

Dr. Bolton moved over 11,000 hairs. The patient had excellent donor density and desired to have his temporal peaks built out and his hair line lowered.  
Dr. Bolton was able to accomplish all this and cover all his thinning areas throughout his scalp from front to back.

The entire procedure took about 6 hours and his results at 5 months are incredible.


Immediately After

We don’t promise substantial results to anyone at 3 months. We tell everyone that they have to be patient and that the follicles are mostly dormant for the first 4 months. You can see in just 3 short months that the patient is already starting to get good growth and his facial appearance is starting to be shaped and framed by his new hair line and temporal peaks that were created by Dr. Bolton.

Before / 3 Months


Before / 5 Months


Healing Process Immediately After Hair Transplant

When having a hair transplant, the most important aspect will be what does your hair transplant hairline look like? Is it natural? Did the doctor achieve substantial results for me? Did the hair line frame my face. Did I get an enhancement of my overall appearance? Do I look better and younger? This is what you aim to achieve if you do a hairline hair transplant procedure. The good news is that nobody is better at achieving this for you than Dr. Brett Bolton. He suffered from hair loss himself and has an understanding of his patients’ needs that doctors who haven’t had the procedure will not have.

Immediately After

Next Day

Day 2

Day 6

Day 8 – All Healed


Dr Brett Bolton’s Hair Transplants Reviews

Dr. Brett Bolton reviews are exciting and 100% positive. The MAXHARVEST™ Procedure and Bolton Bundles have launched Dr. Brett Bolton to the very top of hair transplant results based on hundreds of videos and photos. Dr Brett Bolton reviews provides prospective patients with a daily insight of Great Hair Transplants and patient results. People with hair loss can now search online for Dr Brett Bolton reviews and find everything they are looking for at a glance. A great way to view all Dr Brett Bolton’s results is to simply watch the video testimonials. There fabulous results are an example of Dr. Bolton and his pioneering of the entire hair transplant industry.

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Tony’s Continued Progress – Update 5 1/2 Months After Second Procedure!

Tony has been checking in with us every couple of weeks after his hair transplant procedure and his results are incredible! If you’d like to read his initial post, click here.

We really appreciate when our patients send in pictures throughout their recovery so we can check in on them and see how the results are progressing. It gives prospective patients an excellent insight into what the can expect before and after the procedure.


3 Months

“Typically, nothing much has happened at the 90 day point with most patients, and sometimes it’s still another 30 days (the 4 month mark) before hair really starts to grow in noticeably.

However, and thankfully, I’ve seemed to beat those odds! I started seeing hairs come in a little over 2 months. I already have a lot of newly transplanted hairs growing along and behind the remade the hairline. A few hairs started growing right from the start in January and never fell out. They have pretty long growth by now. Some of the new hairs are only beard length.

They don’t have their thickness, or fullness yet, but they will continue to mature over the upcoming months.”

4 Months

6 Months

Before / 8 Months

Update 5 1/2 Months After Second Procedure!


Before / 12 Months – Second Procedure