Life-Changing Hair Transplant Results

If you think that getting your hair back is an impossibility, think again. This patient had severe loss prior to visiting our office and you can see how dramatic his results have been. 1 single hair transplant can completely change your life, if you work with the best in the industry. Dr. Bolton regularly produces incredible results like these, which makes him one of the best, if not the best, hair transplant doctor in the industry.

You have legitimate options when it comes to hair restoration, regardless of where your case is.


Immediately After

7 Months

Final Results


How To Reverse Balding In One MaxHarvest™ Procedure

Dr. Bolton has done it again. We can add Joel to the long list of satisfied patients who came in to see Dr. Bolton last year about his significant hair loss. Check out Joel’s photos. You will have a difficult time finding the donor scar, which is literally the same width as a fine pencil line. We see so many people who have had bad experiences elsewhere with their scars, but Dr. Bolton has a unique talent and ability to make the scar a non-issue.

Dr. Bolton moved over 34 cm x 1 cm (approximately 6,500 hairs). This is more hair than other doctors’ largest procedures of 3,000 hairs. If you want more hair and dramatic results in just one procedure, Dr. Bolton is your doctor.

Before / After



Dr. Bolton Keeps It Coming – Another Hair Transplant Success Story

We have heard from a huge amount of folks who like to follow the progress of our patients.  It was very surprising to us how many of our non patients like to follow the blog and see these results.  

Come on guys how many more do you need to see to be convinced?

Is there any question Dr. Brett Bolton is getting the best results for his patients on this planet?

Before / After


Frame Your Face With A Professional Hair Transplant

This patient received a MaxHarvest Plus™ hair transplant to achieve several goals.

Dr. Bolton moved over 11,000 hairs. The patient had excellent donor density and desired to have his temporal peaks built out and his hair line lowered.  
Dr. Bolton was able to accomplish all this and cover all his thinning areas throughout his scalp from front to back.

The entire procedure took about 6 hours and his results at 5 months are incredible.


Immediately After

We don’t promise substantial results to anyone at 3 months. We tell everyone that they have to be patient and that the follicles are mostly dormant for the first 4 months. You can see in just 3 short months that the patient is already starting to get good growth and his facial appearance is starting to be shaped and framed by his new hair line and temporal peaks that were created by Dr. Bolton.

Before / 3 Months


Before / 5 Months


Best Hair Implant Technique In Clearwater, Florida

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