Budget Doctors Will Get You Budget Results

This was sent in by a prospective patient who wanted to get our advice on his procedure.   The procedure was done 5 months ago in Turkey, and I told him his growth is just beginning. However, the hairline appears to be far too straight, which will look unnatural when it grows in. The positioning of the grafts on the top of his head appear to be spread thin, with no artistic thought.   The donor area is severely damaged and far from scar-less, even though most FUE hair transplants are marketed to be.   Prospective patients are tempted to cut corners and save dollars by doing this procedure with the hope that they can get a quality procedure at a fraction of the cost. Unless a doctor can show many, many examples of patients with extensive hair loss, you are setting yourself up for failure. This patient shouldn’t even have been pitched FUE as an option. You cannot move an adequate amount of hair to make an impact on a patient with this much loss.