Best Hair Transplant & Restoration Techniques In Palm Coast, Florida

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Dr. Brett Bolton is the founder of Great Hair Transplants, a hair restoration clinic specializing in hair implants for both men and women. Our organization is internationally known and serves patients with genetic hair loss from all over the United States and the world.

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  1. I had a Maxharvest plus procedure done in Oct 2018 with Dr. Bolton. I’ve had 2 small procedures done over 20years ago by a company I don’t want to name….starts with B and without a doubt Dr. Bolton was absolutely top notch from the beginning to the end. Josh is a true professional. He and Dr. Bolton are a mans man. Well women too:) I introduced them to my family and they made us feel welcomed. I’ve worked with Physicians for over 25 yrs and you find very few like Dr. Bolton. The atmosphere was like family from Josh to Dr. Bolton to his staff who are clients themselves. Got a chance to speak with Adrian and see first hand the results he gained. Dr. Bolton listened, understood and made a recommendation. Listen to what Dr. Bolton recommends…he has been doing this for over 20yrs. The procedure itself was faster than expected with little discomfort. The hardest part of this is waiting for the hair to grow in. I maintain communication with Josh and everything he says will happen HAS happened. Its only been 4 months so I have more time but I have seen some interesting results so far. The amazing thing is their excellent communication and open door policy. Its truly appreciated. I will be visiting them again in the near future for a follow up. If you are considering it…..don’t consider it anymore. Dr. Bolton is the man to go to. What are you waiting for….pick up the phone and call Josh…believe me he answers you back in a timely manner.

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