How Much Do You Charge Per Hair Graft?


We are asked regularly about “price per graft”. Many prospective patients are so focused on price, without taking the final results or doctor’s portfolio into consideration. Hair transplantation is not an area where you want to seek out a “deal” or try to cut corners. What you are paying for is results. Below I have copied one of my conversations with a prospective patient.


Dear Prospective Patient:

Basically, the company you are asking about with the $2 graft sale is a “low price” marketing company.   The _________ Instiitute is launching a pay-per-click campaign online based on a $2 per graft price which seems REALLY attractive to the consumer. They drive sales based on a “low-ball” price, using the low pricing to override the fact that they are simply just a marketing company. They “collect” or “book” as many patients as possible for a specific week out of the month. What this strategy does is mislead the prospect into overlooking the fact that there are no real results shown on the website and no specific doctor, only a low price. If 20 patients are all paying on average $4,000, that translates into $80,000 for the week.   They hire more staff from anywhere they can get them, just for that week. They then call one of their three doctors who are licensed in hair restoration and say, “Hi Dr. X, I have $80,000 in business waiting for you in the middle of February. At 20% commission, that is $16,000 to you, we will pay for your flight and hotel! How’s that sound?   The problem with this model is the following:   1) You will be sharing your surgery time with additional patients. The doctor will spend very little time with you at all.   2) The staff will be seriously diluted. Let’s give them some credit and say they have 2 staff members who are excellent! Okay, fine. But with 3 other patients, what staff are you getting that day? Is it the A+ staff, or is it the brand new staff that has no experience?   3) The “Bait & Switch” – I am not accusing this company of doing this in any way. However, BUYER BEWARE! Here is what happens every day in this industry:   The doctor walks in and introduces himself before your procedure. He seems really nice. You feel very comfortable. However, although your “sales guy” was confident the doctor can get the job done with 1,800 grafts, the doctor seems to feel this morning because, ironically, he has some “extra time”. It is your lucky day! He is confident that he can “fit” at least 3,000 grafts where you need the work! WOW! Exciting! And, oh by the way! It’s your lucky day AGAIN! They are on sale! Your $2 sale price, just got cut in half! The additional 1,200 grafts are only $1 each! OMG! SIGN ME UP!   SO, you are looking at 1,800 grafts at $2 each = $3,600. Add to that another $1,200 (a steal of a deal) and you are at $5,000   4) POST OP KIT – You do want to heal right? I mean, you just spent $5,000, a hell of a deal to restore your hair. Well, the doctor recommends a Graftcyte kit for perfect healing. It’s only $300 (maybe $500). No problem right? Let’s see that credit card again. GREAT!  Don’t forget the laser comb ($800 – $3000?), you need that and our special vitamin mix at $150 a month?   We do not sell any additional items in our office. There is no incentive for us to push products down our patients throats. We are in the business of restoring your hair, not selling you a bunch of items you don’t need, or tricking you into a procedure.   Mr. Patient:   I am NOT saying this stuff is for sure at the hair clinic you chose. I am NOT accusing them of anything. I am just showing you a business model that a lot of “surgical marketing companies” use to make money. There are many companies that use low price marketing to attract hair loss patients looking for a deal, however, this company will claim to have an offices in different states. They make you think they are a BIG company. In reality they are just collecting leads and selling them to doctors in different states that are already doing this.   We HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT pay by the graft. Please watch Dr. Bolton explain why:



This Patient Is Virtually Unrecognizable After Hair Transplant

The patient had a completely shaved head when he came in for his procedure.
We videotaped his entire procedure with the patients permission, as he was super excited about getting his hair back.
This is a great example of being able to move a lot of hair in one procedure and leave a scar that is barely visible ten days after the procedure on what was previously a completely shaved head. There is no way anyone will ever see his scar with the hair just a bit longer. It certainly is not an issue as you see he now grows his hair out. The FUE procedure could never get the coverage or density this patient was able to achieve in just one procedure.
All hair transplants will cause a scar. The question is what type. There is no such thing as a scar-less procedure in hair restoration. This scar is much less traumatic to the donor area then FUE which has to use much more of the donor area to get the hair and even goes outside the safe zone to yield hair.  
The bottom line is, Dr. Bolton’s is able to yield up to 14,000 hairs in one procedure that takes less then 6 hours and uses a fraction of the donor area compared to FUE which yields small amounts of hair while impacting the entire donor area and has to cheat to go  outside the donor area to get their hair.  It is bad enough to go bald once but I think it would be worse to pay for a procedure and go bald again?

Before / After


List Of Questions To Ask The Hair Transplant Doctor You Are Considering


A patient recently asked me to help him compose a list of questions to ask a prospective FUE doctor. He is a class 7 (most extreme hair loss) who is comparing Dr. Bolton’s method (MaxHarvest Plus™)
to an FUE procedure.

Here is the list:


1.  Can you guarantee me that you and your staff will give me 100% focus and attention during my procedure and not attend to anybody else? We do.   2. Can you show me more then 50 one procedure results of men with my amount of hair loss and there results after one procedure? We can.   3. Can you show me pictures of people like myself of one procedure results from the top looking down? We can.   4.  From behind? We can.   5.  How many HAIRS do you think you can get for me?   6. What is the breakdown of hairs per graft on average?     7. Will I average 1,2, or 3 hairs per graft?  We average 6-8 hairs per graft.   8.  How much coverage can you get me in one procedure?     9. What kind of density can I expect?   10. Will my density be 20% , 30%, , 40%, 50% or more of original density?   11.  How long do I sit in the chair for my procedure?  With us less then 6 hours.   12. What is the percentage of grafts that survive the removal process? We average a 95% survival rate.   13.  Who removes the follicles from the donor area and what are their medical qualifications? Dr. Brett Bolton is the only one who will extract your follicles. He is a medical doctor with over 18 years experience.   14.  Is there a drop off in the ability to extract one follicle at a time after 5 hours?     15.Will the person doing the extracting be as good the last 5 hours as he was the first 5 hours?It takes Dr. Bolton approximately 15 minutes to harvest tissue and close the area.   16.  Is the FUE hair transplant really scar-less?   17. Can I see pictures of a shaved donor area after an FUE procedure?   18.  What percentage of the donor area is used when extracting follicles for the FUE procedure? 100%.   19. Are follicles harvested from outside the donor area to get a higher yield? Yes.    20. What is the impact on the donor area if I come back for a second procedure? Will it be hard to get more hair? Yes.    21. How does this compare to a strip procedure. Poorly.    22. Does the amount harvested from one procedure to the next drop off significantly for a strip surgery? No, because the donor is not severely damage like after an FUE procedure. The donor required for an FUT strip is a very small percentage of the overall donor area, which allows the patient to have multiple procedures for increased results.

The fact is, when the correct questions are asked, it’s an absolute no-brainer comparison. FUE simply does not compare. Don’t take our word for it though, simply look at the evidence.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any more questions.



Hairline-Focused Hair Transplant Procedure

It is underestimated how much your hairline affects your appearance. Your hairline completely shapes your face and can dramatically increase or decrease your perceived age, dependent on your hair loss. This patient restored his youth in one single procedure and looks incredible! This result is after just 6 months. He is only halfway to his final result!

Congratulations to this patient and Dr. Bolton on another fantastic result.

Before / 4 Months

Before / 6 Months


Young Man Flies In From California To Have A MaxHarvest™ Hair Transplant

This patient did not want to continue on the path to hair loss and male pattern baldness. He realized that he was losing his hair at an early age and decided to do something about it.

Originally, he thought about getting the procedure done somewhere in California, but realized it was very easy to fly to Florida to have the best in the world work on his case.

This result is from 1 hair transplant performed by Dr. Bolton.

Before / 9 Months

Before / After